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Joey Swisher’s Terra Kendama Rasta Week Entry
by Austin Bachman

Folken Kendama - Li Ho’s Bird Day Party
by folkendama

Grain Theory Presents - Nic Stodd
by Grain Theory

Sweets Kendamas | Willy Penniman | Throwback Three Trick Thursday
by Sweets Kendamas

Thibaut Arcos’s Terra Kendama Rasta Week Entry 2014
by Sweets Kendamas

3 Trix FIX
by Bryan Hansen

Benjamin Mastek l Terra Kendama Rasta Week Entry
by Forest hill kendama team

Throwaway Edit 2
by NZkendama

KendamaUDM: Yan K. - KROM Viking
by KROM Kendama Russia

KendamaUDM: Ayrat Basharov for KROM Kendama
by KROM Kendama Russia

Zoomadanke at the Sacred Shrine - Itsukushima Japan
by kendama GLOKEN

Hannah Rose | Kendama Edit 1 | KendamaDrama.com

I am so proud of this girl. I always found myself too busy to play kendama, but over this summer she started supporting me and asking me to play with her because she knew that it makes me happy. I didn’t realize how quickly she would pick things up. It was so fun to watch her set goals and achieve them that I wanted to document some of the progress. She learned all these tricks within a day of filming them and i think that they are pretty technical tricks, especially for someone who has only picked up a kendama a handful of times.

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KendamaOC: Kevin Conrad Edit 6: Panama City
by Kendama OC

by Elijah Lane

Seshin #5 - Turn Down For What?!

Fastest Hard Drive